Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hesitant to give up snack cakes and sin

Lately the Lord has opened my eyes to the fact that giving up unhealthy eating habits is a lot like giving up sins. When people are contemplating changing their eating habits, it's almost this panic because they'll have to give up the foods that they love:  ice cream, cookies, Twinkies, etc.  First of all, eating healthy does not mean that you have to give those foods up (I'm not sure why there is an all-or-nothing mentality to eating??  that's another post altogther.). 

I think people view me as the "bad guy" who is making them give up all their good foods for lesser foods like fruits and vegetables.  They want to hold on to their junk foods, but the reality is that they are missing out on more energy, improved health, weight loss, and, believe it or not, delicious, healthier foods.  Maybe you can help me answer this:  is it that we don't believe that eating healthy will make us feel better/lose weight?  Or is it that we don't think it's worth it?

Isn't this a lot like sin in our lives?  We tend to hold on to sins because it makes us happy or it comforts us.  Which mainly boils down to the fact that we don't trust that God has our best interest in mind or we don't trust that God's way is the best for us.  When God asks you to give up sins that maybe you've stuggled with for awhile, does part of your heart ever say, "but I need to do this, because..." or "well I'll give that up when such-and-such works out for me" or "but if I give that up this might happen...".  In doing this, though, I know that we miss out on some of the glorious riches of Jesus Christ.

I absolutely love when patients come back to me after changing their diets.  Even if only small changes have been made, they always tell me how much better they feel and how energized they are.  Eating better is always worth it.  But it's something that can never be fully realized until you actually try it.  In the same way, getting rid of sins in our life is always worth it! 

What do you think?  What made you finally decide it was worth it to put sin to death?  How has it impacted your own walk?


sabrina said...

I think this is a great correlation you have made! And I think for me it is a back and forth battle with both areas (food and sin). Our sinful nature is strong, and when we are not geared up for the fight by being in the Word and prayer, then we quickly give in to the quick satisfaction of sin or bad food without thinking through the longer term consequences. but I find when I am seeking God daily, I am more likely to eat well too- bc I am viewing life from his perspective and not mine. So I dont feel the need to overindulge in whatever bad food, bc he meets my needs. So I can enjoy nutella (my trigger food) without eating the whole jar- bc I am satisfied. : )

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