Monday, January 30, 2012

Exercise During Pregnancy: Any Suggestions?

I'm looking for new exercise ideas.  What did you do during pregnancy?

I've been doing Lindsay Brin's fitness videos a few days each week.  My friend, Jessie, let me borrow the 1st Trimester video during my first couple weeks.  When I had any energy to workout (which was rare for awhile), I did that and really enjoyed it.  So much so that I bought the complete program for all 3 trimesters plus the Postnatal Boot Camp (let's hope this happens).  I rarely lifted weights before pregnancy, so it's been nice to add that in with the videos.  But I find that my heart rate isn't as high with these videos as when I'm walking/running so I've been missing that.  Also, I'm starting to get a little bored since I have been doing the same video for almost 14 weeks.

I have been walking a lot more instead of doing the videos the past few weeks.  Anyone have any other good videos they like to do during pregnancy?  It's been nice to have that as an option with the cold weather and the SUPER PACKED gym since it's January.  Seriously, I've been avoiding the gym like the plague.  Although, I am happy that people are exercising! :)

If anyone feels strongly about pre-natal yoga, please let me know.  The videos that I have include a 20-minute session, but I haven't really been doing it.  I know all that stretching would probably be beneficial for labor.  Someone talk me into it!

Lindsay Brin 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Fitness: Cardio, Toning PLUS Yoga


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