Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Garden Week 2

Despite the snow, the spring garden is 2 weeks in and we have some signs of life!  We also planted potatoes this weekend and another row of carrots.  The ground looks pretty dry, but I promise these plants have been receiving plenty of water.  Please forgive my photography skills....

If you look really hard you can find 2 carrot plants

Beans (soon we'll add some wire for them to grow on)

Sugar snap peas in a pot

Just a woman and her garden

Poor little guy got snapped in the snow


Isn't it cool that God designed plants to grow like this?  And cool that there are specific nutrients in these plants to meet the needs of our bodies?  What a creative God we have!


Morgan said...

You're blog looks beautiful! Thanks for reading mine. Just remember, I'm here for supprt when your time comes!

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